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Paul Sherer

Sherer Communications is a boutique communications consultancy led by Paul Sherer. Paul brings insight, creativity and effectiveness built through 15 years as a business journalist (Wall Street Journal), foreign correspondent (Asian Wall Street Journal) and technology reporter (PC Week), followed by 15 years as a communications consultant (Ogilvy PR and Sherer Communications).


  • Communications Strategy
  • Crisis and Issues Management
  • Message Development
  • Story Mining and Development
  • Media Relations

Client Experience


  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Litigation
  • Semiconductors
  • Cybersecurity
  • Insurance
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics
  • Automotive / Industrial


Thais’ Financial Woes are Putting Repo Men in the Driver’s Seat

Many a Mercedes Gets Seized As Status Symbol Becomes Just Another Bad Loan

The Wall Street Journal Europe, March 1997

Of Burgers and Bonds

DLJ Draws Fire as Deal Sours — AmeriServe Offering Didn’t Alert Investors Of Burger King Gripes

The Wall Street Journal, May 2000

Thailand's Safety Net

Farms and Faith — Buddhism Helps Ease the Pain of Economic Crisis

The Wall Street Journal, February 1998

Repko's Rescue Mission

Helping Companies Stay Afloat

The Wall Street Journal, April 2001

Shopaholic Thais Shatter Stereotype of Asian Savers

In Thailand, Spending on Luxury Goods Isn't an Indulgence, It's a Social Necessity

The Asian Wall Street Journal, June 1996

Anschutz Group Scores Big by Moving Against the Grain

Eclectic Denver Trio Rides Proud Contrarian Stance to Major-League Returns

The Wall Street Journal, May 2001

Thailand's Steel Dreams Turn to Rust

Inexperience and Mismanagement Stymie Effort to Build New Industries

The Asian Wall Street Journal, August 1996

High-Tech Trauma

Creative Accounting Sinks Semiconductor Maker

The Wall Street Journal, September 1997

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